5 things to do for families living in and around Cambridge

Cambridge has long been a popular relocation destination due to its world-renowned universities, high quality education, job opportunities (particularly in the science and tech sector) and not forgetting its historic and natural beauty.

If the city, or one of its many surrounding villages, is an opportunity for you and your family then here’s 5 things to keep everyone happy and excited for the move.

1 – Attend family-friendly events and activities:

Cambridge offers a range of family-friendly events and activities such as concerts, festivals, museums, and parks. Families can attend events like; Cambridge Literary Festival, Museums at Night, Cambridge Summer Music Festival to name a few.

2 – Explore local attractions:

Cambridge is home to many local attractions including visiting one of the many FREE museums and universities.

Families can explore these attractions and learn more about history, science, and art.

3 – Attend school or community events:

Families with children in school or involved in community organisations attend events like school fairs, bake sales, and charity events. These events are great opportunities for families to meet other families and get involved in the community.

4 – Shop at local farmers’ markets:

Cambridge has several farmers’ markets where families can shop for locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other products. Shopping at these markets can encourage healthy eating and support local farmers.

5 – Enjoy outdoor activities:

Cambridge has several parks, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces that families can enjoy. Families can take a walk along the river at Granchester, punt along the river cam, have a picnic on parkers piece, Jesus green or midsummer common, or stroll around Botanic Gardens as well and many other options across the city.

The property market in Cambridge is fast moving so renting before you arrive is a great option to transitioning into the area. If you need help with finding a rental property then we would recommend chatting to the Bidwells rental team who can advise on the best area for your requirements.