7 reasons why furniture rental will make your relocation stress free

“Absolutely fantastic service. We were relocating to the UK from Australia and Instant Home set up our rental cottage ready for when we arrived. The quality of the furniture was excellent and the little extras like the welcome hamper were lovely touches! We walked straight into our home after a 23 hour flight and it was just wonderful and ready for us- bed made, kitchen sorted…..over and above what we expected.  Top class service, staff and company- couldn’t be more happy to recommend! Keep up the good work guys”

  Lesley & David Halliday, Derbyshire, UK.

 At Instant Home we offer furniture rental services for anyone making a significant move, this could be from the other side of the world, or within the UK.

Here’s 7 reasons why furniture rental will make your big move stress free.

Taking the stress away

With any relocation it can be a really stressful time. You may be trying to integrate into a new job, investigate new schools, start a business or just start a new life. By renting your furniture with us we can take one job off your hands, and you can trust us to do this well.

Making sure that you have the items that you need as soon as you move in

Not only do we have a stylish range of furniture to choose from, but our experienced team will also advise you of the things that you may not have even thought of. It’s easy to forget items when you have 101 other things to organise ahead of your move.

 An interim solution whilst you await your furniture shipment

If your move is global, by renting furniture with us you can have an interim solution whilst you await your furniture shipment.

 Starting a fresh

If you’re starting a fresh, we can set up your home to look stylish and cosy, whilst you settle in and have the time to select the furniture that you love.

 Short term moves

Our vast experience means we understand that not all relocations are permanent. Many of our customers relocate for a short term, so renting clean, good quality furniture is the ideal solution to create a temporary home to enjoy rather than simply a house to live in.

Environmental impact

By renting your furniture initially, rather than spending money on cheap disposable furniture, the impact on the environment is far less. It also allows you the time to select furniture items that you love, rather than rushing to solve a problem.

All of our furniture looks brand new, so you don’t have to compromise on quality or style.

 Quick turn around

We specialise in quick turnaround relocation projects. Over the years many of our customers have had to relocate quickly, for example, for short-term work contracts, and we can handle this with ease. Our warehouse, located just outside of Cambridge, is fully stocked with high quality furniture, so we can make your new temporary home stylish and liveable in just a few days.

Whether you are relocating from across the globe, or within the UK, we make sure that we don’t just offer you furniture rental, we create you a home to move into instantly.