4 Compelling reasons why relocating to Cambridge is a great idea

When you think of Cambridge you probably think of a city steeped in history and a centre of educational excellence, of which Cambridge University certainly is.

But here’s another few reasons to love the idea of relocating to Cambridge:

1 – Employment

Being the home of educational excellence has really shaped the culture and progression of this historic city. Cambridge is often referred to as Silicon Fen (or the Cambridge Cluster). Essentially Cambridge is now home to a large cluster of high-tech, world renowned, businesses focusing on software, electronics and biotechnology.

These include:

  • Apple – Situated in the heart of Cambridge
  • Microsoft – Home to a world-leading research facility
  • Arm – Everywhere Technology Matters, with 250+ Billion Chips in everything from Sensors to Smartphones to Servers
  • Astrazeneca – A global pharmaceutical company pushing the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines
  • Schlumberger – A global technology company, driving energy innovation for a balanced planet
  • Darktrace – Reducing risk and hardening security
  • Frontier – Immersive and fun gameplay designers

In addition to these science and tech giants, Cambridge is also world renowned for nurturing some of the best and most successful start-ups in the country (and perhaps the world), here’s a list to look out for in 2023:  https://angel.co/startups/location/cambridge

In short, employment and opportunities in Cambridge are excellent as these Cambridge Ahead stats reveal.

  • 26,023 companies
  • £47 billion turnover
  • 243,985 employees

All of this provides one compelling reason to see Cambridge as a great place for opportunity and growth, but that’s not all that it has to offer!

2 – Property

Prices may be at a premium but if you can get on the ladder then you have the opportunity to be sitting on a long term investment.

Due to the transient nature of the population, and the abundance of high level jobs available, Cambridge is a property hot spot.

Properties are always in demand, and are often sold above asking prices and within hours of going on the market.

If you have money to invest you also have the opportunity to rent to some of the thousands of students that begin their education here every year.

3 – Lifestyle

Despite being a city, Cambridge is still a small and familiar place with lots of opportunities to join local groups and clubs in order to meet people. In fact you will find it’s generally a very welcoming city as many of the people residing here have often arrived from across the globe, either through work or education.

If everyday city life is not for you then Cambridge can also offer a more rural setting from the many beautiful villages that surround the city, some of which are just a short cycle ride to the city centre.

Whether you are arriving in the city alone or with a partner and family, there are plenty of places to go, clubs to join and friends to make.

4 – Location

Whilst Cambridge does offer everything that you need, if you are used to the hustle and bustle of a major city, then Cambridge’s location can offer that too.

With superb transport links, it’s just a 45-minute commute into London’s Kings Cross, making it easy for commuting as well being on the doorstep for leisure time.

Whether you are already planning to relocate to Cambridge or you are looking for your next adventure, Cambridge can offer whatever you need to build an enjoyable lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for today and the future.