Instant Home in the press!

Over the last year or two there has been an increase in perception and value of renting everyday  items. What was once a market reserved for renting a home or a car, is now a huge offering of rental items. From toys and baby equipment to hot tubs and AV equipment. But where has this shift in consumer behaviour come from?

There are two significant social and economic reasons for this change in consumer behaviour:

Sustainability – consumers are much more aware of their purchasing behaviour and renting items can really help towards living less wastefully.

For example, if you rent a good quality coffee table rather than a more disposable flat pack item, this could furnish several homes, reducing furniture production, reducing deforestation, as well as reducing transportation, often from overseas. Plus, at the end of the rental life, items get donated to charity, helping families to live more comfortably.

Cost of living – 2022 and 2023 has seen the UK head into a cost of living crisis. One of the outcomes of that is consumers are less likely to have savings available to purchase high ticket price items from new. By renting consumers can spread the cost, and have replacement cover for anything that may wear out.

Instant Home founders Hollie and Steve Wright have been at the forefront of this market for the last 2 decades and are well positioned to comment on the changes and progression of the rental market. For this reason they have been asked for their comments on this sector with 3 publications over the last 12 months. Each have an interesting take on the change in consumer behaviour, and are well worth a read via the links below:

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