Renting Furniture for your holiday let property

In recent years the UK holiday rental market has boomed which can be attributed to 3 significant events:

1 – Brexit

The increase in cost to travel, as well a practical inconvenience, has influenced people to look at alternative holidays in the UK.

2 – Covid 19

2020 – 2021 (and now into 2022) has stopped high volumes of international travel and caused caution to book amongst holidaymakers.

3 – Environment

Many people are concerned about the impact that air travel has on the environment and now choose a UK location as their holiday destination.

These three factors have made the UK holiday let market boom, creating a profitable business for many investors.

But with properties in such demand, it’s important to stand out to get a premium price for your rental.

One often overlooked solution is to rent the furniture in your holiday let, this is a great idea offering the following benefits:


By renting your furniture your property can be on the letting market quickly, meaning that you won’t miss out on valuable bookings.

Here at Instant Home, we can get furniture delivered to you as fast as within 24hrs following your booking.


By renting your furniture with us, we will create one efficient delivery, meaning that you don’t need to waste time waiting for multiple deliveries to arrive.

PLUS, we will unpack and place all items within your order where you require, making your life even easier.


We have been renting furniture for over 20 years and we know that just offering furniture is not enough.

Take a look at our website, you will see that we also offer everything that you could need to make a property ready to let, including white goods, kitchen equipment and even bed linen.


Our team of experts have vast experience and knowledge in the rental and letting market. Our range is curated to be stylish, practical and hardwearing.

Take a look at our full range online, click here.


By renting furniture you are playing your part in reducing the use of disposable, throw away solutions.

Once your contract comes to an end, the furniture will either go on to another property or be donated to charity.


At the end of each contract period, you have the chance to replace and refresh the furniture that you feel may need it, keeping your property looking modern, fresh and appealing.


Once you have decided on your rental items you can decide on a contract period that suits you. This will give you a fixed regular cost per month, making your outgoings easy to manage.


By renting your holiday let furniture with us, you also get our 5-star customer service.

We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and will be happy to help you through the process, from deciding what you need, to delivering and unpacking with our in-house team, we will be with you every step of the way.

If you would like an informal chat with one of our team, will be happy to talk through with you the furniture rental process and the options available to you.

Call us on +44 (0)1480 456368 or email your questions to: