Instant Home Eco Benefits

Over the last decade many of us have become aware of how fragile our environment has become and it can often feel like it’s too hard for us, as individuals, to make a difference.

However, if we all make small changes each day then, in time, this will help: 

  • Enhance human health protecting our own health and that of our loved ones.
  • Protect our ecosystem, essential for protecting vulnerable species that make up that ecosystem.
  • Protect natural resources, by seeking renewable options, we can help limit the long-term environmental impact.
  • Combat climate change, in order to return our weather system to its natural cycle.
  • Encourage economic growth, which can come from positive environmental choices, such as eco-tourism.
  • Pave the way for future generations, making a brighter, more positive future for those who follow on from us.

Protecting our environment is important for the world that we live in now, but even more importantly for the generations that will succeed us.

We can all take those small steps to recycle and reuse when we can, as well as perhaps some bigger changes, like the type of car that we drive. But did you know that furniture rental can also have a positive impact on the environment? Watch this video to see how


By renting furniture it is helping to reduce wastes as it reduces the number of furniture items purchased


Every item of furniture rented is one less item in production, saving materials such as wood, metal and upholstery


By renting furniture you can help cut carbon emissions by reducing shipments from overseas


Reusing one good quality rental item several times can replace producing lesser quality new items


When our furniture comes to the end of its rental use, we donate to charities to extend its life further

If you are relocating long distance, or overseas, then furniture rental could not only be a stress-free solution, but a great choice for wider environmental impact.

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