Nominate your sponsorship of the year 2023

Instant Home started from the ground up, over 20 years ago, and now proudly offers furniture rental services nationally to those relocating, staging a property, in an emergency, holiday lets and sometimes even furnishing properties of celebrities temporarily!

But that growth all came from those who supported us locally first, and many continue to do so today.

From the employees and apprentices that have been on our journey, to the services that we have used over the years. This ranges from local companies that helped to build our premises, to web support, and even the local shop! The list goes on.

As we head into what could be a challenging year for many, we wanted to see what we could give back to our local community.

We have already committed to supporting The Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital, find out more about that here.

In addition to that we would like to sponsor a local sports person or group who are either individually or collectively close to the heart of our local community.

To do this we are asking you to nominate a sports person or group, that you would like to see receive some extra support.

The only stipulation for nominations is that the person or group MUST be local, within Cambridgeshire.

In order to be fair, we will be asking for nominations across all of our social channels, and this will end 10am 31/03/23.

In April the Instant Home Team will select and announce our Sponsorship of the year 2023.  The sponsorship offered will be tailored to the needs of the person or group and could cover financial help for kit/equipment, mentoring or assistance in travel.