Moving to Cambridge – 5 top tips

We recently had a chat with Clare Miller, of Relocate Cambridge in the Free Press pub, Cambridge.

As a resident of Cambridge, Clare has a wealth of information about the city from the best schools to the most suitable neighbourhoods, as well as activities and social groups that will help new residents integrate into the community.

You can hear all of her insights in our recent podcast together, which you can listen to here.

Here’s a summary of her top 5 tips when moving to Cambridge 

1 – Make quick decisions

Both the purchasing and rental property market is extremely competitive. You may have to make your rental decision via video call, and in recent months it’s not unusual to get into bidding war, even within the rental market! So, when you see a property, make a decision quickly! 

2 – If you’re moving with a family, select your school first

As a centre of education, there aren’t really any bad schools in Cambridge. But there may be those schools that you prefer, as many offer specific education paths. So, make sure that you make a decision on the school you want first, then begin your property search. 

3 – Don’t worry about needing a car!

Cambridge has a great public transport network, with bus routes, a guided bus, 2 train stations and a large taxi firm running 24/7. If you live in the city centre you can walk, cycle and scooter to most places. So, if you’re new to Cambridge you may not need to worry about getting a car, great for the environment and good cost saving!

However, it is always advisable to consider your transport options when selecting your rental property.

4 – Be realistic with your budget

The Cambridge rental market is not dissimilar to London prices, particularly when looking in central locations. Properties will go at a premium and they don’t stay on the market for long! So be realistic with your budget, there is rarely, if ever, negotiations on price.

5 – Consider unfurnished rental properties.

If you’re relocating from overseas, you may assume that the easiest option is to source a furnished property. However, this limits your search by about 85-90%!

Therefore, considering furniture rental for your unfurnished property unlocks many more options for you. Not only does this give you more properties to choose from, but also gives you more flexibility when you need to move and choice of furnishings on arrival.

If you are relocating to the UK, then it’s well worth considering furniture rental to make your move stress free.

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