How to relocate with changing circumstances

Trying to run or set up an overseas operation is not always an easy task. Making sure your most valuable staff members are involved is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that a relocation, or opening a new office, in the UK goes smoothly. Offering professionals the opportunity to relocate to the UK can be an attractive proposition for them and their families, and the country has so much to offer when it comes to business and pleasure. Instant Home has helped many professionals and businesses with smooth relocations to the characterful city of Cambridge.

Cambridge is the centre of research and development, making it a top choice of location for new businesses or organisations looking to set up in the UK. The world-famous University has also meant that Cambridge is hailed as the centre of Education. Many professionals love this idea of bringing their families to such a prestigious location in England, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to thrive. There are fast links to London, so your team can be in the capital in just 45 minutes, while also enjoying the beautiful countryside lifestyle of Cambridge. These are just a handful of reasons why Cambridge is a great place to consider for a relocation, and if you decide this city isn’t for you and your team, we can help with moving nationwide as well.

Relocating to the UK or elsewhere in the world is a huge decision, and in the current climate there are a lot of things to consider. Moving country is never an easy task but with added complications over the last two years, it is more challenging than ever before. Professionals need to consider everything from their finances to their furniture, and at Instant Home we are here to help businesses make it easy for employees to relocate. Our team are experts in relocation, with one member of the Instant Home squad having gone through the process themselves. In this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about how you can make relocation an easy process for your team.

Choose Flexible Suppliers and Partners

When you are planning to move employees abroad, you will need to enlist the help of various companies. This could be the letting agents they are renting an apartment from, or a furniture service for kitting out their new home. Bear in mind that things can, and probably will, go wrong at some stage during the move. You need to make sure your business is working with suppliers who can be flexible with your requirements, and be open to adapting their offering to meet changing circumstances.

For example, at Instant Home we provide furniture rental for professionals relocating in the UK. All our services are fully flexible because we understand that needs can change at a moment’s notice. You can choose to extend the rental contract or change the package option if your employee’s belongings get caught up in a delayed shipping container. We can also work with quick turnaround times, so if your team needs furniture urgently, we can help.

Make Your Employee’s Life Easy and Simple

Moving abroad is a stressful process, and you should always choose options which are going to make life easier and simpler for your employees. The last thing they need is to be stressed or worrying about buying a sofa as soon as they arrive, or if they have a bed to sleep on for the first few weeks. Renting furniture for a relocation is a simple and stress-free way of ensuring professionals have everything they need when they land in the UK. You can choose a standard or premium package, or even rent by item, depending on what your team needs.

If your employees want to ship their own furniture out, with Instant Home you can rent furniture for them in the interim, so they have everything they need while they wait for their belongings to arrive. Our team keeps everything as easy as possible, and you will have one point of contact to handle all your furniture rental requirements for your business. Not only that but our team will deliver and unpack the rental furniture on a date that suits them, and collect everything when they no longer need it.

Work With Trustworthy Companies

The last thing you need during a business relocation is a company or a supplier causing you and your employees problems. Make sure all the businesses you choose to work with for the move are reputable and trustworthy. Check out reviews from previous business customers to get a realistic idea of their levels of service. Those who have used these companies before are the best source for getting an understanding of what you can expect. Avoid any companies that do not have online reviews, as this can be a sign of inexperience or poor customer satisfaction levels.

At Instant Home, we deliver 5 star customer service every single time. We understand that relocating is a stressful time, and our aim is to make sure everything goes smoothly, and your team has everything they need to settle into their new home. We will even provide them with a free welcome hamper on arrival, to show our appreciation for choosing us for the rental furniture. You can read our previous customer testimonials here.

Opt For Online Services

Moving to another country brings many challenges for professionals that you might not even think about. Time differences and expensive phone charges are two things that can cause real obstacles in organising an overseas move. Avoid working with suppliers who only give you the option to organise your services over the phone, as this could become challenging. You don’t want your team to be trying to call their estate agent late at night or early in the morning, because that is when they are open in your time zone. Look for companies who offer their services online, as this way you can organise everything your employees will need at a time and pace that suits them, without any extra charges.

Instant Home provides instant quotes online, so you can quickly see how much furniture rental will cost and compare the various package options. Not only that but we allow you to place your order online too. There is no need to pick up the phone or speak with us if you’d prefer to do it online. Your rental furniture can be organised at the click of a button. Find out more on our website.