Q & A with our Squash Star Sofia

Hi Sofia, how are you today?

I’m well thanks, so pleased to be back training and playing squash again.

Since we last caught up with you, you have finished your school education.  Tell us what you are doing now?

A variety of coaching, including personal training, gym/HIIT and of course squash on a one to one basis and also in groups.

The coaching sounds really interesting, tell us what you enjoy most about it?

I teach across the ages, I enjoy the variety and different fitness needs of each age group.

Any tips on working with children?

Patience!!  They have so much energy, concentration is tricky for them so we tend to train in short bursts.  It is so rewarding watching them try so hard.

I gather this year has had such an impact on your competitive career, how have you been training to keep at the top of your game?

It was tricky to begin with as the squash courts were closed but it has given me the opportunity to try different workouts such as HIIT and cycling.  The weather was so good during the summer it was great to be outside and exercising.  To keep up my racket skills I would hit a squash ball on the exterior of our house, it was so difficult to begin with but I enjoyed an alternative challenge.

What do you miss most about competitions?

Having a set tournament date to train for and that adrenalin buzz you get from participating in a competition.

What do you eat to compliment your training?

I’m following a plant based diet which I began this year.  It’s proven that saturated fat from meats affects performance and I do agree as I feel my performance has improved since changing my eating habits. I really enjoy the varied diet and there are so many recipes online, I like trying new ones.  I’m never hungry with all of the recipes available online.  The Ravenous Vegan is one of my go to sites, here’s one of my favourite recipes -Vegan Steak Pies – https://www.theravenousvegan.com/vegan-recipes/vegan-pies/

What does an average day look like for you?

6am wake up and I’m in the gym as an attendant at 6.45am until 11am.  During the least busy time I will fit in a gym session varying from strength to anaerobic.

I will then have a hit on the squash courts for an hour mid-morning and then coach for an hour before lunch.  I’m then back at the squash courts in the afternoon for a further hit for 2 hours.  I schedule one rest day a week.

Some quick questions so we get to know you better;

What’s your favourite food?  Chocolate – Bourneville orange to be specific!

Aside from squash, in your opinion what’s the most effective form of exercise?  Burpees … … they hurt but are effective!

How fast can you run a km? 4min 12 seconds.

Book or Movie? Movie…..

Thanks for your time today Sofia.  We look forward to catching up with you, when competitions have resumed.

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