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Making the most of Covid-19 isolation – top tips from the Instant Home team

In our current time of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s easy to to get caught up in the anxiety of it all. We too are taking a break from business operations and closing our doors to support social distance and help stop the spread of the virus. Social distancing can seem like a chore, and besides, who likes being told what to do? Here at Instant Home, we believe by shifting our perspective from what we can’t do to what we can do, we can redefine isolation as positive, productive and beneficial. Here are some ways our team has been keeping busy…


  1. Switch up your environment

First things first, untidy surroundings can cause an untidy mind. Since we have to spend a lot more time indoors, start with tidying your space and maybe even a little clear out, to transform any unkempt areas into a positivity provoking abode.

We may not currently have the luxury of physically travelling to different locations at the moment, but why not switch up the environment you’re in! The easiest way is to rethink the interior design of your property, moving and adjusting your furniture and accessories to create a refreshed feel to your space. You can always go into more detail and rearrange any display areas you have. Top tip; make a feature of things you enjoy! Why not display your favourite books or magazines creatively, it will switch up your environment while also giving you positive reminders of the little things you love and appreciate. 

2. Feed your brain

We may currently be limited by our physical movements, but our minds are free to roam! A great way to use the time is to explore the benefits you can gain mentally throughout this period, by educating yourself and creating. Whether you’re interested in how the Grand Canyon came about, or whether there really is life on Mars, why not conduct your own casual research. Get lost in the wealth of information we have instant access to in the modern-day via the internet, books and other people.

If reading and research aren’t for you, there’s books, podcasts, magazines and puzzles to name a few other activities – the possibilities are endless. Not only are they great fuel for your brain, they’ll keep you occupied and productive, which is great for your mental health!

Or, get creative! From drawing and collaging to painting and sewing, you can create something that you’re proud of while enjoying the therapeutic process. Create something that embodies your style and personality and display it in your home, so you can elevate your newly refined environment to the next level!


3. Cook up a storm

Using your new-found time for cooking and baking is a great activity to keep you productive. Not only this, but it creates tasty food for you and your family to enjoy. Not forgetting that you’ll be learning a new skill along the way! From sausage rolls to braised beef with a mustard foam, you can be as creative or classic as you please. And, if your hunger can’t keep up with your production why not treat a neighbour, friend or someone vulnerable to a batch. In these uncertain times, it might just make their week.


4. Look to the future

We have to remember that this isn’t forever. Although we don’t have a certain date that things will start returning to normal, it’s important not to lose sight of reality. A great way to do that is to plan loosely for the future; it doesn’t have to become an actuality, but it can be great fun looking into it either way. 

You could plan a trip; maybe there is somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or haven’t had the time to get that far. Get online and browse beautiful, inspiring places you can look forward to potentially visiting in the future. You can even check out local menus and attractions, or plan a hike.

Or, why not plan for the future of your home? Using our website you can get creative and add items to your instant home based on style, size and functionality! You can rethink and imagine your property in ways you never have before, optimise your space, and design a home that serves your day to day life, in an instant!


5. Relax and recharge

Don’t feel pressured to constantly be doing, creating or being active. There has never been a better time to relax, recharge and focus on yourself. Take some time to get comfy and curl up on your sofa or bed, whether it’s with your favourite book or Netflix series. It’s also a great time to reconnect; with those you live with, or why not video chat a loved one – a luxury our usually busy lives sometimes overshadows.


We hope our tips will give you some inspiration and wish everyone the best at this testing time.