Case Study – House Flood

Karen Gray and her husband have four children, they bought their dream home recently and had to live in a caravan while the work on their house was being completed. They had not long moved back into the family home when disaster hit and the house was flooded. What’s worse is the flooding was due to the waste pipes being blocked further up the street, and as theirs was the house at the end of the road and at the bottom of the hill, when the pipes overflowed the water and raw sewerage flooded their house. This meant that when the water was drained, not only were most of their belongings ruined but it is going to take a long time for the house to be thoroughly cleaned and made safe and habitable once again. Plus this all happened over the Easter period, making it an incredibly stressful time for the family to be displaced.

At first, the family tried to live in the top floor of the house, which was unaffected, and hired a caravan to offer extra space. But within a week it became clear that this option was not going to work in the long term and they needed something that would offer the family more stability, especially as one of their children is doing his GCSEs this year. So they looked for a house to rent, and luckily found one in their village, as anything further afield would have made life very difficult in terms of the children getting to school, plus they wanted to stay close to their house to oversee and manage the repair work.

The rented house, however, was unfurnished. The family’s insurance company told Karen that she could go and buy new items but Karen knew how long that would take. To research everything, purchase furniture, white goods and accessories and wait for numerous deliveries would be very time consuming and she simply didn’t have that kind of time, she needed to relocate her family and get settled as soon as possible. Karen did some research online and came across Instant Home Furniture Hire. She found that we could not only recommend the packages she needed but also deliver and install everything quickly.

“It was such a relief to find Instant Home.” Karen explained. “I called them on the Thursday, they were so helpful and talked me through everything. Then they delivered everything on Saturday – it was so quick – just what we needed.

“And it was brilliant because they offered everything we needed. I didn’t have anything and within a couple of days they had the whole house kitted out from washing machine to toaster, furniture, TV and everything in between. The team who came and delivered everything were very friendly and efficient, they set everything up. They really helped and made the process stress free during an incredibly stressful time. I was so grateful.”

Karen told us that they will not be able to return to their home for several months – a lot of work needs to be done. The whole team at Instant Home were very glad to be able to help the Gray’s make their temporary house as homely as possible and give them everything they needed quickly during a very stressful time. We really hope the remedial work on their family home goes as smoothly as possible and we very much hope they will be back home soon!