Collaborating with Golddust ID Interior Design and Property Styling

At Instant Home we have helped many home-owners and property developers sell properties. Buyers make instant judgements when viewing properties and first impressions are absolutely crucial when it comes to making that sale. Developers have used interior designers for property staging for many years now, understanding the importance of dressing to impress. Now, an increasing amount of homeowners are also calling in the experts.

In Autumn 2017 we were contacted by Dee Simpson from Golddust ID Interior Design and Property Styling, Dee helps a broad spectrum of clients ensure that their property stands out from the crowd, in this instance she was assisting a property developer in the Bristol area.

Dee has the ability to transform an empty property into a home with a touch of her magic. She takes charge of everything from flooring to wallpaper, fixtures and fittings, beautiful finishing touches, and of course, the furniture … … … and this is where we come in! We have worked with Dee recently on two new-build developments, one of which can be viewed here, and this is what she has to say about our collaboration;

“I hand-picked Instant Home from a selection of businesses and I am very glad I did. Instant Home really stands out from the crowd, mainly because of the highly personal service they offer, they really go the extra mile for their customers. They are 100% reliable which is essential in my line of work – I have to turn things around in a very short space of time. They offer no fuss installation and exceptional value. They also have an excellent range of products which offer elegant and contemporary options for me when I’m styling a property. More than anything, working with Instant Home is like being welcomed into a family. They are absolutely my preferred supplier for furniture rental.”

Dee trained with American interior designer Ann Maurice, who is best known for presenting Channel 5’s House Doctor Series. She also gained her formal interior design qualification at the National Design Academy in Nottingham. We asked Dee to share her expertise for people trying to sell their house;

“You need to appeal to a wide range of people who need to imagine what it would be like for them to live in your house. As hard as it is, this means de-personalising it as much as possible. You need to take all personal items out, remove clutter and keep it very clean. It’s also essential to consider your curb appeal, don’t have unsightly bins out the front, or chipped paint, dirty windows and weeds peeking through. Make it beautiful and welcoming.”

Before turning her hand to interior design and property staging, Dee was a Feng Shui expert. After recommending layouts from a Feng Shui perspective, clients would ask about decorating and styling to finish projects. With her background in fashion and retail she has a natural aptitude for this and decided to pursue it further.

She still uses Feng Shui principles in all her work. Her two tops tips are; always make sure your bed has a head board and is up against a strong wall as this represents support in life. And never put a mirror opposite your front door, as it can deflect any positive energy coming into the house. So if you’re selling, don’t deflect buyers before they even enter the home!

Her passion for interiors can be traced back to her childhood. Dee’s father was in the Air Force, she therefore attended boarding school from the age of eight years old. She recalls that every time she came home she would move the furniture in her room around, as she was not allowed to do that at school, it became even more important at home. She still does it in her own home to this day, infact as we spoke to her she was moving furniture around in her lounge ready for a new spring layout and is constantly looking to add new dimensions and current trends.

If you would like to speak to Dee about her services you can contact her here, and if you have any questions about our services or how furniture hire can help to sell your property, please do get in touch.