Top tips for selling your home

Are you looking to sell your home? Recent research revealed that it takes buyers just 53 minutes on average to make their decision about buying a property, and bear in mind that house viewings generally only take around half an hour, so first impressions count. It’s often an emotional process, people need to be able to imagine themselves in the property, so making it look nice and creating a warm and welcoming environment is vital. Follow our top tips for selling your house and we are confident you will find a buyer in no time:

Pick the right estate agent

Don’t always go for the highest valuation. Choose one with a good track record of selling properties similar to yours in the local area. And check their listings are well presented and well written with no spelling errors

Take care of the exterior

The way your house looks on the outside is crucial as this is the first impression and a buyer will take it with them through the rest of the viewing. Ensure the path to the front door is clear and tidy and weed free. Give the front door a new lick of paint and make sure all the door furniture is looking its best. Create a splash of colour with some pots or hanging baskets by the front door. And make sure the bins are out of sight.


You are selling a lifestyle to buyers so it is essential to de-clutter and create a sense of a calm and peaceful home. The more you de-personalise it, the easier it is for them to picture themselves in the house. This will also be incredibly useful to you when you move, you don’t want to be taking the junk with you – clear out as much as you can and give it to the local charity shop. Box up anything else and put it in the attic or in storage.

Spruce up the interior

Give the walls, skirting and woodwork a fresh lick of paint – this will do wonders to give your house a ‘space-lift’. Remember to use neutral colours in order to offer potential buyers a blank canvas. Add little touches like new doormats and towels. Don’t underestimate the power of things like fresh fluffy towels in a bathroom. Hang mirrors in hallways to create a sense of extra space.

Hire furniture

You need to define each room to enable buyers to picture themselves in the space. One easy way to do this is to hire furniture. You can put some furniture into storage and hire a few key pieces like matching dining room table and chairs, or sofa and armchair sets, or you can put everything into storage and transform the whole property. If you have been renting out your property then it’s advised to serve the tenants notice before putting it on the market. This is also the perfect opportunity to dress the house with hired furniture – you certainly don’t want the property to be empty as it will appear cold and lifeless.

Tidy the outdoor space

Make sure your garden is tidy. It can be very off-putting to potential buyers to be greeted with an untamed jungle, and weeds make a garden look sad and unloved. If you need to, hire in a local gardener for the day to give it a blitz then make sure you keep on top of it during the period when it’s on the market (which hopefully won’t be for long if you follow these steps!)

Deep clean

Whatever the time of year, give the place a spring clean. Have the carpets cleaned and undertake a thorough clean from top to bottom, then it will be easier to keep on top of it while it’s on the market and it will smell lovely and fresh for viewings.

Use all the space

If you have a little nook that isn’t used then pop an armchair there, or demonstrate a place can be used as a boot room or a storage area. If you haven’t got the items to make these areas come alive, then you can easily hire them.

All of these steps have been tried and tested and proven to sell your home quickly. If you want to talk to us about any furniture hire packages please get in touch.