Making a house a home; the art of blooming where you are planted.

“A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it.” H. L. Mencken


Shelter is a basic human need and a house provides that function, but more than that, we need a home, especially in the modern frenetic world, where home becomes our sanctuary. The days of living in one house for your entire adult life are few and far between nowadays, with the average Briton moving eight times in their lifetime.

We all know that moving house tops the stress lists. It is unsettling, and the sooner we create a home, the sooner we feel settled. At Instant Home it is really important to us that this transition is made as quickly as possible, which is why we take care of all the details, from the bed (arguably the most important piece of furniture!), even down to fresh linen and fluffy towels, ensuring a relaxed and welcoming home awaits you.
We’ve also put together some other top tips to ensure that you transform your new house into a home where you can bloom and thrive:

  • Most importantly, when creating a home, make sure you are ruled by your heart, not your head. Tap into what makes you happy and fill your home with it. Inject your personality into the place.
  • If you are relocating from another country the transition may seem even more difficult, so ensure that you bring some key pieces with you that remind you of home and put them on display so that you see them every day.
  • Think about how else you can bring the home you have left to your new home; is there a dish from your favourite restaurant that you can recreate? A special cocktail you can make from that bar you always used to love to go to? How about aromas? Spices, scents? Bring it all with you.
  • Filling your home with delicious scents that comfort you is an important part of creating a home. Scented candles are a wonderful addition, as are cut flowers. Head down to the local florist or market and pick a bouquet of your favourite flowers. For an extra special treat, why not place a vase full of flowers in the bedroom – this is often overlooked but really makes a difference. Baking also creates wonderful homely aromas.
  • Grow things, even just some herbs in little pots on your windowsill, it brings life to a home.
  • Create soft lighting with candles and fairy lights (fairy lights are not just for Christmas you know!) – it creates a very homely feel.
  • Add little details like fancy soap in the bathroom and lovely new towels.
  • Make the most of all of your house, live in it – cook in the kitchen, eat at the table, read in a sunny corner, soak in the bath – relax into all of it. Spend time in your home.
  • Listen to music – it fills a house and can take you through a variety of moods from reflective to dancing like a loon!
  • Put paintings and photos on the wall. Blank walls seem instantly unfriendly, and looking at your favourite pictures will always fill your heart with joy.
  • Make something; cocktails, paint, cook – do something creative in your home.
  • Be creative with cushions and throws – add some colour. This is a wonderful way of making a place seem more homely – especially when you are relocating to a house with hired furniture.

And finally, don’t forget to allow your new home to be a place to create new memories. Once you get your bearings and start meeting people, invite them over for a lovely Sunday roast or just some cocktails, fill your house with laughter and the warmth of sharing. You will soon bloom where you are planted.