Top tips to settling into your new home

Relocating should be exciting and enjoyable, not scary and overwhelming! You’ve spent time searching and planning your move but don’t stop there. It’s worth planning what to do once you reach your destination too. So here are some of our top tips to help you settle into your new home…

Make a List

There’s no denying there are a fair few tasks to get through on arriving in your new home.  But like preparing for your move compiling a trusty list on arrival will keep you focused.  You will be able to prioritise far easier when it is down in black and white.

Don’t rush

You can settle in quickly and efficiently without rushing. Rushing will only encourage you to feel more overwhelmed and uneasy about your move. Take on one project at a time. Rather than attempting to multitask, allow yourself a certain amount of time for each job you have. If you move systematically you’ll remain calm and focused. Want to get those books up on the shelf? Set aside half an hour, put on some music and enjoy the task!

Handle the Big Stuff First

When you first move, everything seems urgent. You’re ready to be comfortable in your new space but there is a way to strategically handle everything. What are the big items you can easily take care of first? Get your bedroom set up so you have a place to lay your head at night. Set up the bathroom so you can freshen up for your next day of unpacking. Get the coffeemaker and toaster out for your first breakfast in the new home. You can take care of the other kitchen items later.

Make a Room Your “Working” Room

If you have the space, establish one of the spare rooms as the “working” room. There may be small items or boxes that you’re not exactly sure what to do with yet. Don’t fret. Keep them in the working room and as your home comes together, you’ll determine where they should be placed and now you know exactly where they are.

Get to know your new home

Do you know how to turn the water off in your new home? or where to isolate the electricity should there be a need?  It is always best to establish these key locations at your leisure rather than in a pressurised situation.

Take time to explore

By locating all the key services and amenities in your local area, you will become familiar and settle more quickly.  Doctors, Dentist, and the local supermarkets can be discovered in the first few days.  Parks and leisure facilities are a great way of meeting new people and will speed up the settling in process.

Be Neighbourly

Whether you’ve moved into an apartment or a house, make it a point to meet your neighbour’s. It’s always a good idea to be friendly with your neighbour’s and who knows, you might actually become friends!